About us

You’re not ‘just a mum’. It’s like we transition into motherhood and become ‘mum’ forever.

When my son was born, I put the mum hat on and wore it all day, every day. I purchased baby routines to help establish a schedule and follow the typical ‘this is what babies are supposed to do’. This was a great idea, however it also brought up a lot of anxiety and pressure. You know the invisible pressure mums feel to have the perfect baby, with the perfect routine while maintaining the perfect home. That’s the worst kind of pressure, the type that’s all in our own head.

Over time (slowly) becoming more conscious of my feeling and expressing them out loud, I really learned that it’s ok. It’s ok to be completely unorganised at times and take a time out for yourself. I really freaking needed it. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I learned to be selfish again. I know that already sounds so mean, but bear with me. I started being
‘selfish’ but taking a warm bath for 10+ minutes, I started taking showers when the kids were AWAKE! That’s right. I really wanted my nights back to be me again. To enjoy a movie or finish a hot beverage, heck even read a book or something just for me. In order to do that though, I needed something to ease our nighttime routine but without being a ‘routine’. That’s how Little Goodlocks was created.

The original thought for Little Goodlocks was sleepwear, but our own line, our own thing. Something I could proudly say was 100% mine. I didn’t quite know how to go about it though so I started wholesaling from other businesses and found myself quite fond of the accessories. Almost a year into the business life I found myself making connections and finally able to put pen to paper and start designing and brainstorming all these ideas I had. It was decided very quickly that while I wanted to create a baby wear line, that I also wanted something for us MUMS. Something that helped us wind down and really was simple to bring into any routine (or non-routine) household and just fit. No pressure. Something Little & Good.

Little Goodlocks is the new way for a bedtime routine. With carefully curated items from bath time to bed time for both mum and baby. Making the whole night time experience seamless and no  pressure to have the perfect routine. Certified organic and natural ingredients to improve your quality of sleep and bubs sleep, which will give you back some much needed time in the evenings. We have everything you will need once the sun goes down.



Haley xx