Howdy Mamas!

Sorry this post has taken me so long. So much happens so quickly and its not just the certain times of the day you forget, soon you realize its been a WHOLE MONTH since you wanted 'to do that thing' !
8 months postpartum now and is baby brain still a thing? Does anyone know if it ever goes away.

Master 2 (almost 3) has starting preschool/daycare 2 days a week now and swimming lessons. He has thrived so much in both and his character certainly has grown as well.
Preschool has been one of those bitter sweet moments. I drop him off in the mornings, he gives me and sweet girl (little sister) a hug and a kiss then its 'bye mum'. He marches off so confidently to go and play with the other kids.
At first the did have a little bit of trouble with eating there. He wouldn't sit at the eating table or he just refused to eat all day. This carried on for about 2 weeks so 4 preschool days in total. Then he would start to have something small like sultanas or an apple. Over the last month that has now progressed to pasta and vegies, rice. Pretty much whatever the cook is making, master 2 will give a go. We started a little food chart at home that magnetizes to the fridge so he could point to a certain food and take the card from the fridge and give it to some, this helped him make a decision on what he wanted to eat and gave him a bit of responsibility.

Our next hurdle is going to be potty training. I've just made up a potty training chart and I have some stickers. Both will go on the fridge aswell.
Any tips or tricks for toilet training?



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