Howdy Mamas!

It's been a minute. Time just gets away and next thing i know, we are prepping for Christmas. 

Let me catch you up quickly.

King (almost 3.5 years old) is now toilet trained. During the day at least, we put him in a night time nappy after he has fallen asleep. He has been handling it like a boss. We are still getting there with the #2's. Any suggestions?


Lady is growing up so quickly. She was 1 in July and already in size 5 nappies. Girl loves her food. She os such a good eater. I think she has grown out of her egg intolerance as she doesn't get the red rash around her face anymore. We still watch her like a hawk while we give her tiny bits. Her 2 year old molars seem to be trying to get their way through already and giving her a bit of grief. Other than that she's sleeping through the night (knock on wood), bed time around 7:30, we can lay her in her cot, a nappy change and milk around 11pm and she's been sleeping through til about 8 am! Such a change of pace from when King was born.

Hubby and I have regained our bedroom. No kids in the bed when we go to bed, no co sleeper or cot in here. We also purchased all new bedroom furniture and are planning to paint a new feature wall.

I really need to be updating these more frequently! so sorry guys. 

If theres something you want me to talk about or anything like that feel free to comment or email! 

Lots of love and stay safe x

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