Howdy Mamas

Lets talk vaccinations. Sweet girl had her 4 month needles just the other week. Now I know from her 6 week needles that there was going to be a good possibility that she could end up with a fever. Of course, that is what happened this time aswell. 
Needles were in the morning around 11am and by 1 pm she was running a temp of 38 degrees. Gave sweet girl some Panadol and the temperature subsided. Through out the day she was her usual happy self.

The following day sweet girl had spiked up another temp hovering betwwen 37-38 degrees. Again gave her some baby panadol but this didnt bring the fever down. She was getting tired but was too unsettled to sleep. She was just in a nappy, with a room temp face washer on and the temp still wasnt coming down. Master 2 never had temps after needles so this was new to me. I decided to ring the health nurse and ask for help.

After going through everything I had already tried, health nurse suggested a little bit of baby Nurofen. 
Within about 20 minutes of the Nurofen, her temperature had cooled back down to 36 degrees and she fell asleep. Off to snooze land.

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