Howdy Mamas


It has been far too long in between my blogs. Life just got super chaotic and before I knew it, it was May! HOW?!?

Master turned 3 and we celebrated with a Spider-Man birthday Party. He loved all the sugar and junk food he got to eat and he loved his presents. He got a Spider-Man Quad Bike and a Spider-Man Scooter. He really enjoys chasing people around on them. 
He has been going to his Preschool 2 days a week and he is thriving. He comes home with all sorts of knew words, heaps of stories about his friends and how they play during the day. He did have a hard time eating at school which I thought was super weird because he has no problem eating anywhere else.
After some guidance from his room educator, he is now finishing off his plate at the eating table and sometimes asks for more!
His full sentences surprise us every day and the quirky little words always have us in stitches.
He has also gone up a level in swimming. Master 3 is one of those kids that just don’t stop; he has an abundance of energy and just keeps going so there was no doubt in my mind that he would have so much confidence in the water. Confidence he sure did have until it came to jumping in. That scared him a little bit. After a few lessons and reassurance that his teacher was there to catch him/help him. He is now able to jump in the water, swim (under the water) to a platform, turn around and exit the pool safely !
- which is a lot more than what I can do.


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