Settling in with Sprout

Howdy Mamas.

Bringing home baby girl just 2 days after she was born was amazing. I was so excited to settle in with both my babies. My mum had Master 2 for a couple of nights so I could catch up on my sleep and have my breastfeeding more situated with baby girl. Her latch was very different to my sons. The first few days even possibly a week of feeding was really painful; each time she would latch it was like a sharp pain and I wanted to cry. I really stuck with it though; everyone I spoke to and from what I even read said that after the first week its gets better. That's what I kept thinking. 
And it did. Sprout is almost 4 months old now and we are still breastfeeding.

Many parents wonder how the first sibling will adjust to having a baby in the house. Hubby and I throughout the pregnancy would involve him as much as we could. Letting him feel the baby kick, let him kiss my belly and even lay on it. We would talk about the baby in my belly to him and he really understood it. Amazing what a 2 year old can understand sometimes. 
When baby girl came home, he did sort of just ignore her for the first few weeks.
Now though, he is interacting with her as she is becoming more interactive. He is making sounds at her, saying ' Yuck' when we change her bum and we ask if he wants to help.. 
Why would he want to change his little sisters dirty nappy?! 

At times is very challenging with the two. Its like they have plans to both cry at the same time, both have poop explosions at the same time or both want food at the same time. Master 2 is learning some new patience. Its taking some time as I used to wait on him like he is a king! 
All in all though there's no complaints in how either baby is settling in.


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