Howdy Mamas

How many of you actually have your kids in a set routine?
Because I don't.

When my son was born I wanted to be that 'perfect' mum that had an AMAZING routine for her baby and the baby followed the routine. I even went as far as to purchase a sleep routine package. To try and get him to sleep through the night.
This did not happen.

When he wouldn't follow the routine or woke up earlier or later it really made me anxious and I truly felt like I had no control over something I wanted to control so bad. He would still wake a few times in the night and no matter what I tried whether it was the ' cry out' method or the 'feed to sleep' method. Nothing worked.

I just gave up.
I wasn't going to fit him anymore to sleep, eat, bath, play at certain times or for certain periods of the day. He is now 2.5 years old and has a loose routine thats only been on in place since the baby was born (almost 5 months ago).

Giving up was the best thing i ever did.Β 

I was free. If he wanted to sleep in of a morning, I would let him. Dont want to eat breakfast after you wake up; NO PROBLEM.
I truly felt he became so much happier and more content when I let him sleep when he wanted to etc.

It saved both of us.

I am now doing the same with Sweet Girl. She feeds when she needs, sleep when she needs, and plays for however long she wants to. She is beyond a happy baby and practically sleeping through the night.

What were your experiences with routines??

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