Howdy Mamas

I know, its been a while. So much has been happening and normal life continues on and it just gets crazy. I'm finding myself really appreciating the couple minutes I get to myself after I put the kids to bed and before I crawl into bed myself.

So here at HQ theres been some changes. We've rebranded our logo and colours!
And most exciting part is we have introduced NEW items and let me just say the response to the new stock has been incredible. We sold out of the Training Cutlery Packs in less than 72 hours and people are still making pre orders for more. The support is incredible.
I know there will come days/weeks/months and evenly possibly years of minimal to zero orders. I'm blown away that just a month ago this was the case. We were super quiet and it was ok. I know a small business cant blossom right away and keep the consistency going. Patience does pay off.

In the last few months Sweet Girl has turned 1 !Β 
We had a small birthday shindig at home because of lockdown. She still got to eat cake and we set up the dining room the night before with her presents, balloons and decorations. It is a bitter sweet feeling knowing that was the last 1st birthday I will celebrate of my own kids.

Master 3 has been growing right into a young boy. He is just so ready to do anything and everything. When I come into the office, he will either come in and just watch me or bring in his ipad and 'work' with me. Such a precious moment to experience with him.

I will try and get back on here more regularly. We do have even more new items launching very soon and I'm eager to share them with you. We also now offer WHOLESALE !! More info linked on the bottom of the page.

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