Months 6-9

Howdy Mamas.

Well the last three months seems to go by the quickest but also take the longest. Baby Sprout was getting bigger and we were watching the size because I had been old I couldn't have a big baby because of my complications with my first born.
Sprouts nursery was just about finished; just had to hang the pictures. Easy right?!
Want to know a heavily pregnant lady's biggest annoyance; when things don't do what they are supposed to do. Took several weeks to get the pictures up because every time I tried to hang them, they weren't straight; and I wouldn't let my husband help. 

I was due on the 12th of July. My last hospital appointment was on the 8th which was a Wednesday. Now due to Covid only my partner could be at the appointments with me and in the delivery room pending if he showed any signs of the virus. So its Wednesday afternoon; I'm at my appointment having my 3rd Stretch and Sweep and my doctor could not believe I was still pregnant. Rang down to the birth unit to ask for an induction date. This really annoyed me as I was previously told I would have my baby at 38 weeks because of the postpartum hemorrhage I had with my son. Anyway. Long story short they couldn't fit me in before my due date which was the Sunday. Earliest they had was the following Tuesday making that date the 14th.

Hubby and I must of known something was going to happen as we did all our last running around on the Thursday. Organized with my mum to watch Master 2 on the Friday for a few hours. Whilst my mum was watching him I presented to the hospital with reduced movements. Any mum will tell you this is the scariest thing. Not feeling your baby move when they usually do. AND as always as soon as they hook you up to the machine; Sprout started having a dance party. PHEW! All was good.

Doctor did ask if I wanted to come back in the next morning- being Saturday the 11th- and be induced. Of course I said yes :)


11th of July 2020. Eviction Day. 

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