Months 3-6 of Pregnancy with baby #2

Howdy Mamas

Well. After we announced to our families that we were expecting baby number 2 it was so good to be able to not be careful of what shirt I was wearing and not blaming my 'morning sickness' on food poisoning. It became more real a lot more quicker this time around as I started showing a lot earlier and well, my boobs also got a lot bigger quicker.

I have lived with a underactive thyroid since I was about 13 so about 12-13 years and with that also came an autoimmune disorder called Hashitmotos. Becoming pregnant automatically makes the pregnancy high risk and an abundance of additional doctors appointments. I was blessed to be able to have families members close by that could watch Master 2 while baby Sprout was being checked and monitored. Throughout the months 2-3 my thyroid levels and iron were being watched a lot, especially because after the delivery of our first born I did have a 1 litre hemorrhage which we were trying to avoid this time around.

Getting bigger, a boisterous almost 2 year old at the time + I was still working as well with doctors appointments; you could say I was also getting exhausted sooner in the day than I would of liked but you know; everyone loves a good nap.
I would nap with my son when he was napping; or my mum or one of my sisters would watch Master 2 so I could nap. Having the extra help was amazing; Hubby and I really appreciated it. Still do.
During the 2nd trimester we really got stuck into getting into all of Sprouts things and we also started trying to get Master 2 to fall asleep in his bed.. and stay there. Up until this point we just co-shared the bed and we would let him fall asleep where ever. This did take a few months, getting him to fall asleep in his bed. We would take turns, in alternate nights laying with him until he fell asleep. Putting him back to sleep when he got up. It did pay off!

The 2nd trimester sickness started to ease off towards the end but no for long.

Then we entered the 3rd trimester.

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