Master 2 Growing Up

Howdy Mamas

This past week has surely been a big one. Master 2 had his two days of daycare/preschool orientation. He really loved the center and the educator. He didn't want to leave when it was time to come home.

I'm not sure if I should feel sad about him going or happy that he is so excited. Both maybe?
Seeing him engage with the other kids, playing and just being so happy could make me melt with happiness and cry a river at the same time.
The separation anxiety from me to him is huge! I knew I had it but this will be the ultimate test.
I will be one of those mums that sit in the carpark for X amount of time before I leave. I know it's good for his social skills to go but I'm just gonna miss him.
He will be going two days a week for a little while.

He also started swimming lessons this week. I know some people start their kids off at 6 months but I wanted him to be able to understand what swimming was and that he was going to learn.
So in his evaluation session he was absolutely brilliant! I'll attach a  photo of how happy he was. 
Before I know it Sweet girl will be doing her lessons.

Why does the time go so fast?

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