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11th July 2020.

We got to the hospital at 7am (we lived about a 2-3 minute drive from the hospital), went up to the birth unit to get all checked and everything.
I still hadn't dilated enough to have my waters broken; which honestly.. was ok by me. I hadn't been induced before as my son came spontaneously on his due date. They sent me up to the antenatal ward for the day; and they had planned on breaking my waters the next morning; Sunday the 12th.

I sent Hubby home to get some rest as nothing was happening. SO few hours at past and it was around 6-7 pm and I messaged him and told him to come as soon as he could; as I felt sick. Now mamas that have had babies before know that feeling. Waters haven't broken, contractions haven't started; but its more than just nausea. He made it to the hospital just a few minutes later. I swear as soon as his butt sat on the chair BOOM contraction. Straight away they were 4 minutes apart and 1 minute long. The midwife came in and hooked me up to the machine to monitor the contractions; but the silly machine wasn't picking them up because all my contractions were happening in my back. This was also new for me as with my son I contracted in the front. 
Midwife did a cervical exam and I was still 3cm dilated, cervix was still long and semi- thick.
I kept asking the midwife to take me down to the birth unit as the contractions were that intense that I felt like I needed some gas. The midwife honestly didn't believe that I was in labour. All the signs pointed to Braxton hicks, but I knew they were.

Got down to the birth unit at shift change.. Great. Was left in the room for a while with hubby just sitting on the yoga ball thinking * down thoughts*. Midwife came is; had a lovely chat. Just said if we needed her to push the button. Short time later I remember saying to hubby ' I either need morphine or we are about to have a baby'.
Fair enough couple minutes later; I'm leaning over the bed and my waters break. I've said to Hubby ' my waters just broke, get the midwife in I'm about to push'. Poor hubby couldn't push the button quick or hard enough. Midwife came in within an instant and just said  ' You probably don't need to push, its ok'; she was trying to calm me down. She instructed hubby to take my tights off. All of this was within a minute. Hubby gets one pant leg off and HELLO. Looking straight at our babys head. I did need to push.
With my very next contraction; my body did all the work and baby Sprout was here!
Waters broke at 11:13 pm and Baby was born at 11:16pm. I gave birth to our baby girl standing up!

There was no time for anything.

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