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Early Pregnancy is EXPENSIVE

Howdy Mamas

Lets talk about the initial costs in having a baby. The things other Mums may not share or just forget to include
Below I'm going to share some of the costs that came along with our second baby.

*Pregnancy Tests- 3 pk for $18; $23 for 2pk digital tests.
I always rely on the ClearBlue tests. They have never been wrong for me and just provide the reassurance with the 99% accuracy. I got a box of both. Took one normal test and one digital the first time to make sure I'm pregnant. You know how those lines can be playing tricks on your mind.
I then took the others during the first 12 weeks, I feel like a lot of us do this. Silent miscarriages are a thing, they happen and they are scary AF.

*Gaviscon- $16 for 600ml Bottle.
This was a new one for me. I had very little nausea with my first and really didnt think about it until.. Morning Sickness, Afternoon Sickness, Night Sickness. ALL DAY SICKNESS! 
This time around it was horrible. For my entire pregnancy it was something. The smell of bacon, the smell of the body wash, the smell of sweat. Everything and Anything. Medications never sit well in my belly so  that took out the chance of anything stronger. 

* New clothes-$$$
It felt like from the second the second line appeared, I was bigger. The bloat was real this time around. 
I had no choice but to wear really flowy tops and loose pants. I had to keep it a secret for another 10 weeks. From everyone. I remember my dad at one point asking me ' are you getting fat or pregnant?' . I quickly was like ' Fat, I love food too much'. 

* Liners - TOM Liners $5.45
I like to use the TOM products. This is one of the gross things. Increased amount of discharge. YUP!
Did you think you were safe from these products during your pregnancy? Not always. For about the first 12-14 weeks this was happening to me.





**These products are not sponsored. They are brands/items I used personally.

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