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Christmas shopping with kids during a Pandemic

Howdy Mamas!

What a crazy time 2020 has been. For our family it meant living through a pandemic, social distancing, meeting our 2nd baby. 
What happened in your 2020?

With kids; shopping is crazy enough. With our groceries we usually get them delivered because lets face it; shopping with 1 toddler and a new baby.. NO THANKYOU. I can imagine all the poop explosions, tantrums (including myself) and tears. Lots of tears.
I was left thinking how on earth were we going to manage Christmas shopping. I really like giving people an actual present not a gift card but I was beginning to think this was going to change. At least the gift cards I can buy with my groceries.. Right...

But.. What am I going to get the smaller kids? The ones that are excited to open up a present from Santa! Santa doesn't give a gift card out to a 2 year old... 

This is where I tried to utilize the free click and collect wisely.

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