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I'm going to jump right into it. Does anyone else kids suffer badly from Mondayitis?

It's like clock work. Darius now attends preschool on a Monday so my day is a little easier with just Addie; but oh my goodness is the girl moody ! Shes 20 months and already trying to cut out her day nap. I don't try and enforce it anymore, she is still sleeping through the night and if she does happen to nap during the day I just see it as a bonus now. 

Although, now that the two are a little older, they are playing with each other a bit more but it's sort of a hit and miss. Sometimes it will be really nice play and using their imaginations or other times they are just smashing forces and aren't on the same page. Am I the only one that doesn't know what to do when this happens?

Little to none houseworks gets done on a Monday and I feel so guilty about it, all the washing/folding from the weekend still sitting on the dining room table, breakfast dishes still in the sink. Dave (my husband) will come in from his outside office to an actual bomb site. Sorry babe...

How are your Mondays ?
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Not gonna lie, my monday’s are fairly similar. All the kids are tired and I use it to catch up on business stuff from the weekend.


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